How To Use Gmail As Your Business Email For Free

business email from gmail

If you have a business online or a website then you might looking for a business email, though we get email from hosting provider opening webmail every time is not an easy work. So you can get your business email from Gmail.

Business email from Gmail doesn`t mean that you will have an email such as but will have Google apps provides free business email for website owners.

Steps To Get Free Business Email

business email for free





  • Fill the details like username, password, organization name and other details.
  • Then click I accept! Create account.
  • To get access to your business email you need to verify that you are owner of the website.
  • You will have different options to verify your website ownership, one among them is to verify by uploading XML file to your Cpanel.

When you are verified, now you can start your business email like that of general gmail. And you will be able to use all the Gmail service like Google docs, Google calender, Google sites, can create 10 users for your business.

To get more from Gmail business get paid version and unlimited users and google video for business and Google groups for business.

How To Create User in Business Email (Gmail)

Go to your Google apps cpanel, under Organization & users click create a new user.

Fill details of the new user like First name, last name and primary email address and set temporary password. And now you created new user to your business email.

You can change web address to your Google apps under settings. Block or allow other Google apps services.

If you have got any issues with setting up your business email in Gmail, you can ask or comment below for any suggestions.

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  1. Khaja,

    I never realized there was free email for businesses. That is great to know.

    I use the one that comes with my server and I use outlook so it all opens in one spot which is nice.

    There have been times though when I was going to use a gmail account and then it would be nice to use a business one.

    Thanks for the information.

    Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Photoshop Made Easy — Part 2: ActionsMy Profile

  2. Is this still free? Maybe I haven’t found it yet but it looks like they are charging after a trial.

  3. It is a free trail for one month…. how to use free gmail forever for our own doamin…plz help

  4. How does Free Gmail differ from businss gmail

  5. It’s no longer free even less than 10 users. I think Gmail already closed the free version!

  6. Can anyone guide me through setting up a email for my business.

    Really urgent.

    Need dedicated email soonest

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