Beginners Guide: 10 Basic Tips Before Launching a Blog

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tips before launching a blog

Number of blogs are increasing day-by-day and most of them are starting blogs to make money online. Lack of planning and perfect strategy, many are failing to make serious money. To get start with your blog you need to follow 10 basic things. Here in this post am trying to list very basic things needed before starting a blog.

1. Select Perfect Niche to Make Blogging easy

This is the very first step before you think about a blog. Niche is something which is suited to a person`s interest. So select the topic on which you have interest. Then see if you this topic is profitable or not.

Selecting perfect niche will help you write posts regularly. Then you will enjoy writing and sharing with world. Else, you will end the blog as you don`t have nay interest in blogging.

2. Right Domain Name

Selecting domain name has become tougher than before as all domain names are snapped up by others to make money.

Remember that keyword in domain is not so important now-a-days. Mashable, Techcrunch etc.. don`t have keywords in domain name. So go with a name which can become a brand name.

I recommend once go through domains tips from Rand Fishkin.

3. Host Your Blog With Good Hosting Company

Page loading speed affects Google SERPs, so select best hosting company. Many beginners think that – ‘we will shift to best hosting once we start earning’. You will start earning only when your hosting is good. Here is a detailed view on how page speed affects your rankings.  Choose best hosting – Host gator (why host gator).

4. Design Adds Value – Create or Purchase Good Design

Before going to blog design you need to select a CMS, most people select WordPress and it is the best CMS for blogging.

Now coming to design, do you remember that proverb – “First impression is best impression”. This is perfect for blogs. The very first time user sees your blog it is the design which grabs his/her attention, if they are satisfied with design then they will start looking at your stuff.

Many select white background as it helps to highlight your post. Try with free wordpress themes first. Anyway I don`t recommend to use free themes as it may leave a window for hackers.

5. Be Ready With Five Posts

Before you launch, your blog need to be ready with 5 posts atleast. Many bloggers launch their blog without posting a single post and they go on search for themes, all this time the blog will have no posts.

Plan in a way that you for atleast for few weeks you have a some info gathered to post on you blog.

  • Write regularly
  • Review twice before publishing it.
  • Don`t copy
  • Don`t rewrite posts
  • Give total information

6. Learn SEO or Hire SEO Person

Don`t neglect SEO learn basic SEO. Though you write wonderful content to make it visible to world it needs to be optimized, without that your blog will not have enough traffic. Internal linking is also very important for blog rankings, so don`t under estimate SEO. If you can`t afford a SEO person then follow other blogs and ask suggestions (contact me for free blog suggestions).

7. Install Necessary Plugins for WordPress

To make your work easy install few wordpress plugins (these are free!)

8. Tell The World That You Have A Blog

promote your blog

Start with your friends and family that you have launched a blog. Promote it through social networking sites like FB, twitter & G+. And don`t stop mouth advertising. If you can try giving a paper ad.

The best option I recommend is comment on other blogs, see that you comment will add some point to topic.

9. Build Email List Or Your Blog Subscribers

Many internet marketers believe that selling a product to known customers is easy when compared to selling products unknown customers. So from the point you start you blog, go with collecting emails. For more information I recommend reading set-up feed burner in simple steps.

10. Subscribe To Famous Blogs

And atlast most important is to follow famous bloggers so that you will know latest updates and more tips from them.

Here are few blogs to name…

These were 10 basic things to look before starting a blog (according to me). If you have more suggestions please share here in comments.

+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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    Very helpful post especially for new bloggers. I agree that modeling successful bloggers to see how it’s done is a great idea. So many bloggers that are having success will gladly give advice to newbies. Awesome tips ! Retweeting this
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    Talking about hosting, Amazon offer a free hosting
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    Such a useful post for a newbie blogger. For me one of the best way to have and get more chance to success in launching your blog is Learn SEO or Hire SEO Person.
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    I think to this informations for me. its good sharing lol :)

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    Usefull information for a newbie. I wish i get this information when was going to start my blog. anyway thanks for sharing.
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