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Sorry to ask a useless question? Only bloggers come here after seeing this blog title. “3 daily tasks to do as a blogger”.

So, what is your daily routine as a blogger. This is important, because you`re doing a task daily then it mean that you have very much confidence that it would help you to have a successful blogging career.

You can share your daily tasks in comments, now let me share those tasks which need to be done daily by you.

3 Must Daily Tasks a Bloggers as to Do

Here I`m going to share only 3 important tasks to be done regularly.

#1 Connections, Build Relations

Before everything, making connections is very very important, if you have no connections in your niche, start making from now. Do you think like this – “what is need of making connections with bloggers when more traffic comes from Google?”

Wrong thinking, let me explain you. If you have an offline business will you not meet people in your business or will you think at the end customers who`re going to take my products, so why I need to waste my time making connections with them?

I don`t think any one would do think like this, same way making connections online before working on blog is important.

# What Do I Say?

Easiest way to make connections is first comment on their (your niche bloggers) blogs and then slowly recommend & like their blog posts on Facebook or Twitter, and let them know about this. Now add them as friend and start conversation.

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#2 Content, Posting, Writing

Heard about it many times? As it`s very important many bloggers repeat it in their posts. Content is most important thing for a blog, it is your blog posts which attracts readers and bonds them to your blog. It`s content for which people search. It`s this place where you get more clicks, mean reader spend more time on it.

So that`s the reason why all bloggers repeat it as many times as possible to increase important of content.

But here, I`m also going to give a tip on writing and how frequently you need to write. (4 Tips to Do While Writing a Blog Post)

# What Do I Say?

There`s a confusion among new bloggers that blog posts should be published daily or not. Remember this – Depending upon various tests and examples it`s been proved that daily posting will increase rankings. But this doesn`t mean that you need to underestimate quality of the blog posts.

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#2 Build Links – Sites which Will Link You

Building links to your blog is as important as it is to write content and make connections. This is the step from where you can improve SERPs.

So how to do this? Guest posting and blog commenting is 2 easiest way to increase traffic and back links.

Want to get more tips on how to increase targeted traffic to your blog.

# What Do I Say?

Getting links is what all does, but think if you have make people link to your blog post. Can it possible? Yes, how? Provide something worthy, something which catches readers eye balls. It can be something which is not natural which is not just a post but something more, your view about the topic.

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It`s Your Turn Now

At the beginning of this post I said you will given chance to share your daily tasks with our readers, so please take some time and share your views on this topic. Do you really post daily or twice a week?

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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