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Nearly 1 year completed working on 2 E-Commerce sites. And I must say that I learned many new things from this.

As you know bloggers share what they learned so am going to do something similar to other bloggers (Sharing my personal experience).  About how to optimize an eCommerce site.

Every day we see many eCommerce sites are coming, the reason is simple, people became lazy to go out. So probably many new sites will come.

So knowing how to optimize them can help you to make more money online :).

So without any ado let me list out those 5 proven tips which got you here.

5 Tips While Optimizing E-Commerce Site

#1 First Look Matters More

It’s not what you wear, it’s how you present yourself that determines what your first impression will be.

Exactly correct, people over internet don`t have time to see what you actually have. Your site need to attract in the very first look. And which is very tough when coming to an eCommerce site. The reason is here you will have lots of products and it`s very tough to justice design, products & navigation.

To make this easy best way is to get an eCommerce software for your site. This will be more easy to work, code and optimize. Like any other CMS these sites will give highly used plugins.

Anyway make sure you have best designer to customize it.

#2 Speed Matters

As I mentioned earlier that people over internet don`t have time they don`t wait for your site to load. As eCommerce site has loads of product images making it fast to load is very important.

For that host your site on good hosting. I personally recommend Hostgator, Inmotion & Web Hosting Hub.

You can check your site load speed online at pingdom & Google page speed.


Save all product images on another domain, and optimize every image before uploading to site. Reduce use of complex scripts if not needed.

#3 URL Structure

This is very important for SEO as well as for user. Complex URL structure will confuse readers, though search bots will identifies. Different eCommerce CMS have different URL structure so optimize it in a way that keyword comes in the URL.

And URL canonicalization also plays vital role here. If you`re new to this read Matt Cutts post about canonical URLs

#4 Chose the Right Service

If you want to get instant results try good advertising service. Google Adwords is one of the best service to get more leads. There are many more paid services before going try with small amount to test if it`s working for you or not.

SEO, if you`re not ready to invest more then go for good SEO agency or hire SEO person who has excellent experience in SEO.

As now social media is effecting SERPs, increasing your online presence is more important to rank.

Note: Don`t thing that high ranking mean more sales. To increase sale you need to build strong online presence which can done by creating a blog, guest posting on other blogs and actively participating on social networks.

Also read this - High Traffic Does not Mean More Money

#5 How to Get unique Content

I will not write much about importance of content, thanks to all bloggers for their repeated posts on content. How can you get unique content on eCommerce site?

  • Give different product description, even though it`s short.
  • Add review and FB review button below every product, and ask your customers to give feedback upon buying any product. Many times these reviews will get more traffic.

#Bonus Tip

Create sub-domain as a blog for your eCommerce site and daily post atleast 1 post. Like if you site URL is www.example.com then create blog.example.com as blog.

Hope these tips will help you out, if you have more tips you can share in comments.

+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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