5 Alternatives to WordPress Blogging Platform

WordPress is one of the blogging platforms which has lots of user base and lots of support. Almost all blogs are using WordPress. And we all knew the reason, because of it`s user friendly, SEO friendly and lots of plugin support. Till now many had said, written and think strongly that WordPress is SEO friendly.

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I do agree with all the points above, but as everyone can`t live happily with one common thing. Same way all can`t use same CMS for their blogs. Always people love to have alternatives. Like, in my previous posts I added few alternatives to Google, alternatives to Google analytics and now this one. When people are searching I thought I need to help them adding some thing which is not common.

Anyway, let me introduce 5 alternate blogging platforms to WordPress. No, I didn`t tried all of them, only few. Will describe everything in less than 20 mins.

Here are 5 Alternatives to WordPress CMS

Let`s start with my favorite in this 5 blogging platforms.

#1 Movabletype.org

alternatives to wordpress - movabletype

If you ask me choose blogging CMS other than WP then I would love to go with Movabletype. Like WP it provide plugin and theme support. From Anti-spam to Pagination you can get all those plugins needed for a blog. In case you like to try something different this should your first choice too.


  • It`s free
  • Open Source
  • Easy to create a blog/site
  • Dashboard and Custom Fields
  • Full support through forums
  • Pro version for business use

#2 Cushycms.com


Well, this CMS is different from WordPress and Movable type. Cushy CMS is fully hosted solution. It`s damn easy to install this CMS. You can do it in 5 mins! Another reason why you should try this is it`s free, up-to 5 sites you can add it for free. See introductory video, you will get what it`s for you.


  • It`s free upto 5 sites
  • Can add unlimited editors (users)
  • Great language suport
  • Pro version bring lot`s more things
  • Can use own logo and color scheme
  • RSS feeds
  • Custom welcome and email
  • Email support

#3 Habari


In one word, it`s like WordPress. If you have some techie background and can able to handle things on your own then it`s the best option for you. It`s open source and has great support with it`s Google group. If you have FAQs in your mind, answers are one click away on Habari Wiki.


  • It`s free open source
  • Great support with forums
  • Quite good user base
  • Variety of plugins
  • Modern theme support

#4 Flatpress.org

flat press

Interesting thing about Flat press is that it does not need a data base to word! Eager to know how it can be possible? Visit there page. No need to fiddle with SQL now. And they provide backup too! Copy one directory and it`s done.


  • Looks like WP
  • No need of MYSQL
  • Easy back up with one directory
  • Full plugin support
  • Customizable themes, supports Smarty (a php frame work)

#5 Tomatocms.com


Last alternative to WordPress but not the least. Like it`s name Tomato CMS is a bit different. It`s open source platform like others but it`s designed to meet the modern blogging and designs. Key element in this CMS is widgets, it says on home page that websites = widgets.


  • Lots of built in modules
  • Built on new technology Zend, jQuery and 960grid
  • Supports plugins
  • Template support
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Multilingual and high performance

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Did you every tried different CMS other than WP and those I listed here? Share in comments. And don`t miss to subscribe!

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  1. Hi Khaja

    I must admit I have never heard any of these before, I can surely try on one of free domain hosting I won.

    Thanks for sharing something very new.

    sapna recently posted..A Day In Naive Bloggers Life – Part 4(Infographics)My Profile

  2. Hi Khaja Moin, Good alternatives bro but i never tried the WordPress alternatives which is listed above. I will surely give out a try and Thanks for Sharing :)
    Sai Kumar recently posted..6 Tips to Choose the Right Domain NameMy Profile

  3. This nice and useful CMS collection. My according Habari CMS is best. I have used this CMS for my client. It is Awesome :)
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted..5 Kids TV Shows You Really Need to See AgainMy Profile

  4. But please, how effect are all these CMS compared to wordpress?

    • Khaja moin says:

      It can`t be compared to WP, incase if you`re looking for an alternative then one among this can help you.


  5. gud alternative friend,but i have never used any other.now its time to try one of them .thanks for sharing this
    Mohammad ismail recently posted..Top 5 Major Benefits of Guest PostingMy Profile

  6. Hi Khaja

    I’ve never tried anything else other than WordPress. Thanks for sharing some alternatives though.

    Something to think about for the future maybe but WordPress seems to be the one to use for the majority so I’ll stick with that for now.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Time To Put The Social Back Into Social MediaMy Profile

  7. Interesting alternatives – I had not heard of these Khaja except for CMS. I wonder how many people use them vs. WordPress and Blogger.
    Lisa recently posted..Follow Friday Is Back and Newly RedesignedMy Profile

  8. Hey Khaja, really good alternatives to WordPress, I guess that when somebody is not ready to have a self hosted blog with WordPress, they can look at these CMS platforms.

    I am not familiar with any of these, I used to work with Joomla! before but that’s about it.

    Sergio Felix recently posted..Goodbye 2012, How You Doing 2013?My Profile

  9. Hi Khaja,

    I must admit that of all these, I’ve only heard of moveable type and have not really thought any thing about it. I think Flatpress is worth looking into. Just want to know have you tried any of them?
    Chadrack recently posted..FREE Web Hosting Giveaway: Announcing the Winners!My Profile

  10. I’ve not heard about these alternatives. I love WordPress. Its just amazing! :D
    Ammar Ali recently posted..Proven Ways To Get More Traffic From FacebookMy Profile

    • Khaja moin says:

      Hey Ammar,

      Thanks for commenting here.

      Yes we all love WP, and in near future don`t think any other CMS could replace them.

      Anyway as everyone will not have same taste or thinking for those people who`re searching for CMS other than WP, these are best alternatives.

      Khaja moin recently posted..Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a BlogMy Profile

  11. Hi,

    You have given very nice post it is very knowledgeable and result oriented.

    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    julain recently posted..iPhone Facebook App Allows Free CallsMy Profile

  12. hello admin ,never hear this first time am watching .. Amazing one
    thank you
    Gajendra recently posted..Google Adsense specialist view for beginnersMy Profile

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