Online Vs Offline Networking: Take Your Blogging Business to Next Level


online vs offline marketingOnline or Offline marketing what do you do for your business?

Okay, I agree that it depends on business, if you have something more related to offline world then you might opt for offline marketing.

But you know that many offline businesses started their online marketing campaigns.

Why they want to increase their network online when their business is more offline?

Well, I will say this is a dump question. When many people from offline world entering into online then why shouldn`t these businesses?


Now coming to the title, Online vs Offline Networking……..

What I actually want to convey from this post?

Well I don`t want waste your time reading some stuff and then in conclusion I write main points.

Reason for writing this post is, starting an offline campaign to your online business.

Yes, you read it right.

What is the reason of starting an offline networking when you have strong online networking?

Why Offline Networking is Important?

Though, I agree that many people now-a-days prefer eShop than going out to buy. They prefer to buy those things online which they have seen offline.

Yes, it might be a shock! But it`s true.

How can you expect a user to give his/her credit card details to an unknown site? Without trust they will not buy anything from you.

So,  how to build trust?

It`s simple, people trust on services which is reliable. And to show them that your business is reliable you need to step ahead and enter to their real world with offline marketing.

Real world has more impact than virtual world.

You have plenty of offline marketing campaigns to try with. But make sure to try with different marketing campaigns like you do online.

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Combination Online & Offline Networking

For a business either online or offline it`s must to have network. Hope you all agree with me.

How about combining both online & offline?

You might think that it`s out of your budget, but it can be made within your budget. How?

Applying those strategies which can yield you profits and help you to increase your business.

Well, so many question raises now? Right?

Hire some professional or best way is just try out with small amount and see how it can benefit your business.

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My Personal Experience

Before entering to online marketing I increased my networking in offline world which helped me to bag 2 big projects. And it took very less time, only thing I did is having good relation with all of them, I shown them how I handle projects.

Isn`t it simple?

Few of them went away but still, I continue to have good relation with them, not for personal or business benefits but as a human being. Sometimes I even help them for free of cost.


Those who don`t have time and scrolled down here, start concentrating on both online and offline networking. This is help you get more traffic and more leads to your business.

Don`t forget to share your experience here in comments!

+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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4 Responses

  1. SapnaJanuary 16, 2013 at 3:28 pmReply

    HI Khaja

    We have to use the best of both the worlds, I am use to online marketing these days and I believe that this is the best way to get more visibility and then leverage it for building relationship.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Sapna recently posted..A Naive Bloggers Day Without ElectricityMy Profile

  2. Tim BonnerJanuary 16, 2013 at 9:04 pmReply

    Hi Khaja

    I don’t have much need for offline marketing at this minute in time but I can see how powerful it can still be.

    I like to physically see an item before I buy it if at all possible but I agree in the end I’ll probably end up buying it online.

    It’s certainly a great way to get business, even if you don’t contact the person face to face but on the telephone. It makes it a more personal experience for both parties.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..W3 Total Cache Has Been A Total FrustrationMy Profile

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