4 Ways to Get Rid of Writer`s Block

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Frequently posting new topics on your blog bring more traffic, either from search engines or from social networking sites. Every day thousands of new blogs start, and half of them will be inactive for years. It is daily posting which tells user that, yes this blog is active.

get rid of writer`s blockNot only for user, even search engines give priority to blogs which are updated daily. I knew few of you don`t agree with me. One think that I must say about myself is I don`t believe in everything, like if someone says, “forum posting can increase your traffic“. I test before making sure it works.

I know you`re not here to read why it`s important to write daily. For those guys who`re in dilemma about posting daily, read my related post.

Can Daily Blog Posting Increase Traffic?

And I agree it`s not easy to write daily even if you`re free all the time. You get stuck one day or the other. So how should you get rid of writer`s block?

When I started daily posting till now I didn`t face writer`s block, because of these 4 ways which helped me in getting rid of writer`s block.

Now am going to share those Proven Ways with you.

4 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Writer`s Block

#1 Copy it (Consider posts which you like)

No don`t get me wrong, I don`t mean copying other`s post.

Whenever you see posts which caught your eye balls, copy it(the title) in an excel sheet or any text editor. Once you got handful of titles, start with the one which you can write easily.

Don`t forget to do keyword analysis, write in your way don`t even copy the style. Try to give extra information which is lacking in previous post.

Read this post (it`s related) 4 Tips While Writing a Blog Post

#2 Review it (write a review of any product which you use or used)

When you`re out of topics or bored of writing same stuff for weeks, then try writing a review about a product. Anything like hosting, framework or email auto responder.

Important thing here is, you must use it before recommending it your readers. Another way is, to be paid to write a review. You can earn while you write it.

Here are few such sites which pay you to write a review.

#3 Favor other bloggers (Enable guest posts or share their posts)

Second reason why I blog is because it`s proud to be called as a blogger (I`m honest, my first reason to blog is to make money). All bloggers love to share worthy information for free.

Enable guest posts on your blog or link to top posts of other bloggers, like I did here.

But, before enabling guest post make sure you take time to review every post and see that only quality will be your priority.

#4 Go off the road (Write a story from your real life)

off road to get rid writer`s block

It`s not important that you should write only topics of your niche, after all it`s your blog and you`ve got all the rights to do anything with it. (Anyway it`s my personal belief)

If you`re smart enough you can turn this off topic posts to favor your blog, by linking to other posts which helps to increase internal links or just by highlighting all the popular posts of a week, month or year.

My friend Tim Bonner from Tim-Bonner.com did something interesting thing, he shared his problem of not getting sleep on his blog.

Even you can make something like this, but don`t bore your readers with less important topics.

Concluding the post

It`s time to end this post. These were few things which I tried and it worked for me. I mostly try first 3 options. Yes! their is nothing to hide.

I`d love to give you few more quick tips for accompanying me till the end of this post.

  • Make your mind free from all problems while writing.
  • Go out when you don`t want to write.
  • Give sufficient time for your family, this makes you feel happy & you can write well.
  • Try to be yourself, don`t copy other blogger`s writing style.
  • Be health conscious, after health is wealth :)

Last but not least don`t forget to share it with your friends. ;)

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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