How to Increase Page Rank in 3 Simple Steps

increase page rankIs it possible to increase page rank in 3 simple steps? Yes!

I too read many post on how to improve my blog page rank before. And I regret myself for wasting my time reading those posts. So, I decided to help you out, getting PR2 or PR3 is as easy as writing them.

No, am not copying these from any blog, I worked on my blogs and I got this. I never worried about PR, because I know that high PR can`t get me high traffic, although I agree it can attract many advertisers.

Okay, we shall now dive into those 3 simple steps…

3 Simple Steps to Increase Page Rank

#1 Daily posting

Google is hungry and quality content is it`s food. Yes I know it`s difficult to blog everyday but try to maintain your posting frequency. It matters. Read this post to know more Can Daily Blog Posting Increase Traffic?

How to do it?

Easiest way to blog daily is, make a list of titles you get into your mind. And whenever you see worthy post jot it down or save it in a file. Prior writing a post, think about the topic and make some important points. Next day morning start writing without any hurdles.

#2 Blog Commenting

I know you heard it many times, blog commenting is such a useful technique that you can increase your blog exposure as well as build links to your blog.

How to do it?

Using Google chrome extension or Firefox addons add popular blog feeds. Whenever new post is published you get promoted, by which you can be first to comment on there blogs. First comment gets more exposure.

#3 Guest Blogging

I want to be honest I didn`t do more guest posts for this blog so I got only PR2, if you do guest posts you can easy get PR 3.

While writing guest posts make sure to add your blog main domain in author bio. If that blog permits on which you`re posting link back to most popular post. Because getting more backlinks to post than domain will increase SERPs. (Source: Neil Patel)

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My Case Study

When I started this blog, I made 1 post per day and within few months I got PR2, believe me I didn`t do much blog commenting, what I did is 2 article submissions (to test), 1-2 web2.0 pages and few comments.

As I was busy with other projects I slowly decreased posting frequency and increased commenting on other blogs. On next PR update what I saw is my blog PR dropped to PR 1.

When I decided to blog everyday on this blog, I gain started posting daily and commenting on other blogs. Yesterday that is on Feb 4th 2013 Google updated page ranks and I got back my PR2.

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Bonus Tips

1. Try to increase internal linking through out your blog, best example for this is Wikipedia, every page is linked internally.

2. Don`t give Dofollow links to other blogs, make it nofollow if it`s necessary.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the simple and effective tips to get good page rank.
    Nirmala recently posted..Online money making and high paying online jobsMy Profile

  2. Yes these way we can success to increase a page rank And this post is very helpful for new bloggers…!

    Awesome post…
    mohd akbar recently posted..iPhone 5: The Latest Smart Phone In The MarketMy Profile

  3. nice job Moin Thank you ! keep more post

  4. Hey Khaja, I think we are on the same track. My blog with PR 2 also dropped to PR 1 last week.
    And Well written. I’ve read many articles from the web for increasing Page Rank. Honestly, I was kinda tired out of it. But you really made it double Simple and Informative at the same time.
    I think giving Priority to Guest Blogging is much better if you really want to popularize your blog in real time. Thanks.
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Some Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog.My Profile

  5. I like your case study Moin. By the way don’t you think that good PR helps to get your posts rank higher in SERP? Moreover what is your view about article marketing? Do you think that Google still gives weight to article sites today?
    Taswir Haider recently posted..3 Plugins to Create Smart Coming Soon Page for WordPressMy Profile

  6. Hi Khaja,

    Really bro you are right guest posting is very important for every blog. I missed this strategy. So i dropped my google rank. i will follow your suggestion for next google rank update :)
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted..Top Movies for 2013 by QuarterMy Profile

  7. As a new blogger in the blogging field , this post gonna help me allot . When I first started , my blog Alexa ranking was 9.2 millions and now I reached to 2.7 million in few days publishing one or two post daily . Its really a cool web experience for me. I hope in the upcoming Google Page Rank Update I will also get the desired Page Rank for my blog. thank for your valuable Tips Khaja :-)

  8. yes you are posting great tips and it will be really helpful for new bloggers for develop their page rank keep going….
    shahabaz recently posted..Free SEO Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

  9. Writing quality content and comment on other blog can definitely increase site Page rank . One of my friend having a blog on blogspot . he writes regularly on his blog and till now the blog have only 37 backlinks and the page rank of blog is 3 . So concentrate on writing good content if you want to increase your blog Page rank

  10. A very useful post ! I personally found guest posting a useful technique to build high quality back link and increase Page Rank :)
    Thanks for the share
    Phil M recently posted..5 Lessons I Learnt To Increase Blog Traffic Within A WeekMy Profile

  11. Hey that’s really exciting, you really are doing great, keep it up!
    With this tips it is easy to increase page rank to our blogs..
    Thaks go ahead
    shahabaz recently posted..Free SEO Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

  12. Nice article about search engine optimization techniques. I think this article is so informative and i will follow this techniques in my blog for better seo.
    My blog seo techniques

  13. I believe you have given all new website a cut shot to get some nice ranks. I want you to give more tips to improve my website design upgrade.

  14. Hello khaja,

    Well in simple to increase pagerank we need to building strong backlinks from High PR sites, Likely we have the following way to gain High PR backlinks

    1. Guest posting
    2. Links from web 2.0 sites (squidoo, tumblr, etc)
    3. Blog commenting (mentioned in the post).


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