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No, it’s not off topic, to increase your blogging business you need to have a positive nature and to maintain that (positive thing) you need to fight with the Monster (depression) every day.

Starting with the definition, according to me depression is the state of mind where your self-confidence shatters, you’ve no interest in the work you love (blogging), you almost become lazy and you think you can’t achieve anything.

depression monster

When I asked my wife (few seconds ago) she said depression raises when you think about something deeply and you go on thinking about it without getting an answer, this takes you to depression state resulting in health problems.

Different people have different versions of depression definition. So you too may have one (share your definition in comments and let us know :)).

So how this monster is born?

Like it’s definition, birth of depression monster has different reasons varying from person to person.

In most cases it starts from others, for instance; when I started blogging and selected blogging has my career my parents initially shown a positive sign but after few days they asked me to take a full time job. This made me think and think and then made me go deeper into thinking (because we had some financial problem at that time).

Business loss can initiate the birth of depression, when you see no traffic coming to your blog after working hard, or no money generated after spending months on blog you get depressed.

What every the reason you get a great loss when you get depressed. Unfortunately many of us without fighting depression we will be with it.

This is no JOKE!

You might think depression is getting sad, no it’s something more. As I mentioned you lose confidence and slowly it poison your brain. Every time a voice comes from your brain saying “YOU CAN’T DO! YOU’RE WASTE!” and worse thing is “ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS DIE”. This is why depressed people commit suicide.

Yes, this monster if not killed will kill you. Very dangerous!

How I manage depression?

No one can escape from it, everyone has their own monster to fight. In my case when my parents asked me to look for another job (boring full time) then I got depressed, not because I can’t make money but when your family members don’t understand you, then things get worse.

I was writing a post couldn’t complete it, turned my machine off. Went upstairs, from there I looked at few things which were unused items. Then I started thinking, shall I look for another job to satisfy my parents? And hire someone to work on my projects? Then something got in my mind, I thought how these big business personalities started and survived. Didn’t they face challenges? Are they not facing challenges every day even after becoming No #1 around the world? Yes, I said to myself, then why do you want to run away? This is your business, it’s time to prove and show you can do. This life is given to work. Without struggling you can’t survive, even to die you need 1o times more courage than working, so why to quit!.

That’s it!

I decided to work on my projects. Then I noticed that I got out of depression, I stopped thinking.

Things you shouldn’t do when depressed

With my experience fighting depression monster I share few don’ts with you.

  • Stop thinking about the problem, think about the solution.
  • Don’t spend time with those who depress you.
  • Writeup your problems on a white paper and read like an outsider.
  • Talk to your mentor or friend.
  • Remind yourself about your goals you reached previously.
  • Listen to positive thinking talks.
  • Go out for a walk.
  • Sleep.
  • Play.
  • Donate, if you can. It’s time to make yourself happy, so do some good deeds.
  • Kiss your loved ones.
  • Write a post.
  • Don’t discuss about problem with everyone.
  • Don’t blame yourself.
  • Eat more and drink more.
  • Develop positive nature, don’t tell “I can’t do”. Repeatedly say I can do, I can do, I can do.
  • Take a bath.

This may seem little things to you but it will change your thinking way if done repeatedly (these are from my personal experience.)

Watch this video!

And few more here.


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Note: Anyway, I recommend you to meet a good therapist and share your problems.

+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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4 Responses

  1. LeoraDecember 24, 2013 at 5:12 pmReply

    I’m surprised you didn’t list the most obvious – find a good therapist. Even better, find a great therapist.

    Not everyone suffers from deep depression – I believe some are “gifted” with a gene for it. Others have an optimism gene; I don’t always relate to those always positive types.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Leora recently posted..Post Highlights of 2013My Profile

    • Khaja MoinDecember 25, 2013 at 6:24 amReply

      Hi Leora,

      Thought to add it below but, I missed it! Thanks for the reminder.

      Yes you’re right, everyone is not gifted, but in blogosphere where there are lots of ups and down we need something like this to keep ourselves motivated.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      Khaja Moin recently posted..SEO Breakup with Link Building and Loving Social MediaMy Profile

  2. kollanDecember 24, 2013 at 6:07 pmReply

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  3. Anil KumarDecember 26, 2013 at 6:49 amReply

    Wonderful post mate! You’ve shared a great topic and I believe most of the blogger are facing issues regarding depression. The tips are really informative and I think following these tips will surely get us fight from depression.


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