4 Blogging Lessons from Housewives

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One of my New Year resolutions is to write at-least 3 posts on this blog. Which I haven’t started yet:P. Because of few other projects which I’ll windup soon.

Yesterday I was thinking about new topic to write on this blog and saw my wife washing clothes, and then I thought what can I learn from her? And you won’t believe me it’s incredible!

blogging lessons from housewives

You may think that housewives do something which is not related to our business in anyway, yes you’re right. Let me share you a story about a king.

Once upon a time there lived a king (sorry for using same old words:P) am not sure which country he belongs to or his name. Every war he waged he was defeated. After a number of times of defeat the king went inside a cave fully depressed. There he got attracted to an ant which was climbing falling, climbing falling, climbing falling and finally climbed, this inspired the king. When an ant can try many times till it climbs why can’t I fight till I win?

I missed few things in story, but you got it, right?

So when an ant can inspire a king which has nothing to do with King’s business not it’s related with it. Why can’t a housewife inspire a blogger?


Back, to my story.

I started thinking about housewives, work they do, dedication they’ve got. Also I interviewed my wife regarding household work she does. So collecting all those, I’ve few not awesome but interesting things on my desk. Let me spell them down here.

1. Doing same work daily without boring

I as a blogger get bored sometimes to write and we call it as writer’s block. But housewives have got same work to do every day. Without getting bored they do it. Same work, same time and at the same pitch. Interesting thing here to discuss is why they don’t get bored?

And I got the answer from my wife.

They love to work. They love their families and want to feed them, work for them and keep them fit and happy. To satisfy me, my wife does same work daily and they’re doing this from years and will continue for years.

Can you imagine? You’re writing articles from years and for years you continue.

I can’t even continue this for one year without stopping. Can anyone? (If yes please share in comments)

Lesson for blogger

Start a Blog on a topic which you love and have interest. Don’t see for the potential of money it can generate. Look for the potential of love in you for that niche. Then you can continue blogging for years.

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2. Reaction to Criticism

After spending a whole day to write a post when you see no comments or when your readers criticize, how do you feel? Depressed, your self-confidence shatters and you think to quit blogging.

Am I right?

Now, let’s see what a housewife do when you as a family member criticize her about food she cooks.

When I asked my wife this question she confessed that she feel bad. Then I asked will you think to quit cooking? And she replied, no! She continued saying I cook because it’s my responsibility.

This sentence really inspired me. Your work is to write an awesome post if few people don’t like it this never means that you’re aren’t eligible to write.

Lesson for blogger

Take criticism as tips to improve your work. Remember this, anyone can do anything, all he/she needs, is courage. I believe that only skill what you need to start a business is positive thinking.

3. What they expect?

Ask your wife, mother or sister (who stay at home) what they expect from us? And they reply you nothing. Only thing they need is your time spending with them.

Simple, isn’t it?

Am surprised!

Even after working so hard, with dedication and quality daily without fail. They expect almost nothing?

Lesson for blogger

Love your work; you don’t stop if you’re not making money. There are many top bloggers whose blog can help any new business to reach millions but still there blogs don’t make lots of money and they don’t stop.

Do you think anything more than love, which is driving them from years to work without much profit?

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4. Maintaining same quality daily

Since my childhood my mother is working for me, for my brother and for my father. And no single day went without missing the quality of food she cooks or the work she does. Every day she maintained same A1 quality.

Lesson for blogger

Don’t flow with other money making bloggers who blog only to make money. They don’t succeed; they may make money first time, second time but can’t continue for years.

Bloggers are responsible persons who deliver information to people all over the world. I say you’re doing a social service. Am I wrong in saying that?

A special appeal from me

Friends, we spend lots of time online. How much time we spend with our families? Aren’t we working for them? What they expect from us? Can’t we give those few moments to make them happy for the hard work they’re doing from years to us? Think about it.

Do you agree with points I listed above? Share in comments and lets us know.

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+Khajamoin is founder of Captured Blogging Tips. You can contact him on FB or twitter. Feel free try below links.

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2 Responses

  1. ChadrackJanuary 15, 2014 at 10:59 amReply

    Good thoughts and I must say I agree with every one of your thought here. We can really learn from a whole lot of things if we only take the time to listen and look carefully.

    However, I do not agree with you on the part of simply carrying on blogging even when the money is not coming. I think you should consider again the response of your wive when she responded that she was not expecting anything from her labor of love. Her reply? In your own words, “Only thing they need is your time spending with them!”

    Can you see that she actually expected something? So also as bloggers you actually expect something from your blogging activities. If you are truly an entrepreneur blogger that thing is a successful business. And what business is really successful if it is not making money?

    I think there is much to learn from this!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recently posted..2014: The Year to Be Bold and Assertive – Be ready to be shaken!My Profile

    • Khaja MoinMarch 6, 2014 at 7:35 amReply

      Absolutely right!
      Agree with you. Blog makes money even when you don’t blog with love, but it is love which drives your to work/blog more.

      I don’t mean that a blogger shouldn’t expect money but shouldn’t worry if he/she is not making huge money. (It gives you peace) Here am saying don’t worry this doesn’t mean don’t improve. :)

      Thanks for sharing your views.


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