Why Inner Peace is Important for Bloggers?

inner peace needed for bloggers

When you read “‘Inner peace” what comes in your mind? Religion. Meditation. Nature. Or any movie? Getting inner peace may vary from person to person and from place to place. Some may feel peace when they help others, or when they talk to someone etc… Am not going to discuss the methods to get inner [...]

Tips to Choose a Good WordPress Theme

wordpres design

When it comes to WordPress sites, the first element that’s needed is a good theme. This is something that many people don’t give much thought to. This is partly because WordPress supplies a default free theme which, to a very limited extent, can be customized. There are also lots of free themes that you can [...]

4 Blogging Lessons from Housewives

blogging lessons from housewives

One of my New Year resolutions is to write at-least 3 posts on this blog. Which I haven’t started yet:P. Because of few other projects which I’ll windup soon. Yesterday I was thinking about new topic to write on this blog and saw my wife washing clothes, and then I thought what can I learn from [...]

Tiered Link Building: White Hat or Black Hat?

tiered link building

David  McSweeney of top5seo.co.uk shared a post on this topic, he also shared his views on Matthew Woodward (Matthewwoodward.co.uk) and how Matt’s tactics are embracing white hat SEO. Matt’s tutorials are unfortunately concentrating more on black hat SEO. David said in his post. David shared his post after Matt’s recent post where he said that [...]

Fight the Depression Monster in You

depression monster

No, it’s not off topic, to increase your blogging business you need to have a positive nature and to maintain that (positive thing) you need to fight with the Monster (depression) every day. Starting with the definition, according to me depression is the state of mind where your self-confidence shatters, you’ve no interest in the [...]

The Google Disavow Links Generator

In order to conform to Google’s latest requirements, many people are rethinking their entire linking strategies. You may know that it’s essential to only get backlinks from high quality, reputable sites. However, you also have to think about all of the links you generated in the past. These links can still cause Google to penalize [...]

Rule #1: Think About Earning More Not Spending Less

spend more to earn more

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating this blog, as am busy working on my new niche site, which am going to share here in coming weeks. Last week I met a person who was hungry to make money online, so explained him few ways on how to make money online. Most easiest way according to [...]

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